auction 2004


LeLE & casares aka _los machín_ aka _latinolovers_

An archaist and a fundamentalist of poor resources on the edge of a techno attack. Brian mackern is going to sell his rotten machine to renew his digital wardrobe. What big schemes will be dismounted by this event?
We are going to reflect about many issues:

digital object
idols and fetishes
trade and art
geographical distribution of technological resources

LeLE & casares aka _los machín_ aka _latinolovers_, with the consent of
brian mackern, are proud to announce the auction of his laptop.

Brian Mackern, the netartist owner of the *rotten machine* aka *the
toothless *the toothless*, has been contributing to the development of netart since 1994
when he worked in what he called at those days, *net ambientations*.

In this sense, this uruguayan artist is a pioneer, though given his
nationality, and in spite that he was one of the first in anticipating the
use of tools like flash, soundtoys and the investigation on net-interactive
sound resources, he was rather outside european and american scope.

Founder of the online portal <artef@ctos virtuales>
<> and the netart_latino database
<>, he is also a well known
developer of sound interfaces, soundtoys and *image-sound user-reactive*
objects [offline&&online].

His CV can be viewed at:
<>, and his reference sites are:
<>, <> y <>

The start bid for this laptop/atelier/artwork is 4000 euros

We must insist that we are offering the complete laptop, with all the data contained in it at the moment in which its auction was decided, 08/may/2004:

Not a cd with the image of a section of a hard disk, the case of JoshuaDavis.

Nor the computer that only has a virus that starts, executes itself, autocounterattack, dies and restart, like the case of the artistic european group

Nor a nice apple laptop which shows cybernetic geometric abstractions and exhibited as if it were a painting, the case of John F. Simon jr.

Nor an old computer in which the artist leave traces of his work so that you can view some of the work of his owner.

Even less, an externally personalized computer, like a trendy intervention.


We are offering the tool (the workshop, playground and sandbox), that has accompanied brian mackern durings these last years.
Tool that he used for composing his own personal artworks, or doing things for other artists, or used for his netjamms with other integrants of the OFFLINE group and collaborative works, beside of his works as VJ, his lectures/conferences and workshops.

Complete with information and history, with all the traces and sufferings, by an artist who comes from an underdeveloped country, where low tech it´s not an aesthetic election ‘per se’, but the only way to continue working.

A tool that can be acquired for being vampirized or to continue his work, orexhibit it for posterity when the development of hardware and software will make us impossible to view much of the pieces, something that already is happening.

The auction of his laptop, an old PC from 1999, will follow these conditions:

1.-The laptop is in a critic state and there is a risk of loosing valuable information, which is not limited to brian mackern´s own works but a lot more, as brian, in his *digital-archaelogical* side, has been collecting and recreating lots
of info from netart´s beginning. On 08.05.2004 the laptop was “freezed”, thus preserving all the data contained in it.

2.-There is video-photographic documentation, proving the *freezing* of the laptop on the stated day, and that all the data has been copied to a restauration kit, (3 DVDs).
The photographic documentation follows the classic guidelines for the request of a rescue by kidnapping: photos of the freezing with the newspaper of the day this freezing was made.

3.- This DVD mirror of the HD garantees the buyer the presentation of the laptop in all types of exhibitions. If some (or all) of the HD data is lost, it can be restored from the copies we provide.

4.- The auction will start with the exhibition of the laptop during PEAM2004 _pescara electronic artists meeting 2004_
<> between 19.may.2004 and 23.may.2004 , and will stay open for a month in
EUROBID <> , in the *ANTIQUES* category.

5.- The carrying bag and *green monster* [which without it, the artist couldn´t go on with his work] also accompanies the laptop and the restauration DVDs.

6.- The laptop will be sold sealed, with DVD mirror-copies of its hard disk, also in sealed case, to the best bidder who, once he pays, will be the legitimate owner. this will let him to show/exhibit the machine in future *netart archaelogy exhibitions* or explore its hard drive and discover the sources of mackern´s artworks, beside having the possibility to access an excellent repository of old netart/digital works.

7.- As complimentary information for this auction, brian mackern has published a site with the instructions of use for his laptop < >, with detailed stories and descriptions about the *rotten machine* which he is forced to sell, so as he can buy&pay for another new and more trusty tool which will let him continue his work.