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Roberto Aguirrezabala


Roberto Aguirrezabala

It all began some days ago. One night I was phone by Roberto to ask me a favour. On the phone I already noticed he was being a bit humorous, so I became curious to know what he was plotting. He told me that I had to write a text on his work to be published by a-minima magazine. The problem he had was that he could not write about himself, and, in addition, at that moment he was immersed into a new project, he was focusing only on it and he was not able to review all his previous works. He also wanted to avoid revealing any detail of the project he was working in. I accepted, but in return I requested two things: he had to invite me to have lunch in his house (as the photo proves) and my name would not appear in the article. In addition, I had another interest: finding out everything I could about his new project. Then I started working: I gathered all the information that I could, I reviewed all his projects and I spoke to him for a long time.

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